2024 Mil-Stak LS/1850 Pull-Type Bale Wagon

2024 Mil-Stak LS/1850 Pull-Type Bale Wagon

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Idaho - Southern

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Picks up bales in same direction as baler places them in field Stacks and Retrieves Simple to hook up With the MIL-STAK LS/1850 Large Bale Stacker you can single-handedly load and stack up to 70 large square bales per hour from the comfort of your tractor cab. It is easy to operate and designed to withstand years of use in demanding conditions. The low profile and load holding ability makes it superior in loading bales on steep hillsides. The LS/1850 picks up bales the same direction as your baler places them in the field by clamping the sides of the bale, eliminating the need to drive cross-wise or slide the bales on the ground into position. The spring loaded bale bumper takes the shock out of non-stop loading and is easily adjusted for various bale lenghs. Quickly lifts the bales off the ground to keep from embedding dirt and debris into your hay. Also does not damage the crop by excessive sliding or twisting of the bale across the field. Bales are placed cross-wise on the front of the stack bed and the hydraulic push-bar slides the bales back. Push-bar then stays in the up position until the next bale is loaded. The MIL-STAK LS/1850 is easy to operate. It has no computer or sensors. There is no joystick or display to mount in the tractor cab. Just plug in six hoses, connect the tail lights plug and you're ready to stack. The simple hydraulic design allows the operator to clamp, lift and slide the bales onto the stack bed with one tractor remote. The second tractor remote is used to swing the hitch to align with the bales while loading or to side shift to the right to see the stack while unloading. The third tractor remote is to lift the stack bed for unloading. The single axle with large flotation tires easily carries the load over any type of ground and does not damage the hay when making tight turns. The MIL-STAK LS/1850 comes standard with LED lighting making it easily seen when traveling between fields.


Stacks(4) 4X4, (6) 3X4, (6) 3X3
More Informationpull type, stacks (4) 4x4 bales, (6) 3x4 bales, (6) 3x3 bales, fully automated controls, patented Mil-Stak clamp picks up bales the same direction your baler places them in the field, this is a brand new machine right out of the factory