About Us

Our Expertise

Berry Machinery offers over 20 years of industry experience. We specialize in equipment procurement, sales representation, and online marketing; furthermore, we provide certified equipment appraisal. In addition to the domestic marketplace, we can create exposure in the international markets as well. We are self-motivated and passionate about the equipment industry, providing a range of expertise from certified machinery appraisal to search engine marketing (SEM). The purpose of Berry Machinery is to utilize our experience, resources, and networking to assist in the efficient movement of equipment through its supply chain. Whether it's professional valuation, online marketing, sales representation, or finance solutions; our goal is complete customer satisfaction. We look forward to providing you with the economical solution to your business needs.

Berry Machinery Founder and President

Mechanization is fundamental to food production, infrastructure development, mining, manufacturing and transportation. My name is Chris Berry and my career is devoted to the equipment industry. I've worked as a machine operator, mechanic, manufacturer product specialist, dealership sales representative and equipment appraiser. I enjoy every aspect of the machinery business and understand the mentality of most who participate. My career ambition is to make a meaningful contribution to the equipment industry.